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Log Cabin Shop purveys a variety of historical arms and goods

Published Feb. 3, 2006 A customer can enter the Log Cabin Shop wearing sneakers and a T-shirt, and he can exit clad in fringe, leather, fur and moccasins, armed with a Pennsylvania long rifle, ready for the 18th century. The … Continue reading

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Banana Republic: The store that sold dreams

Published April 11, 2014 You know you’re getting old when your reproductions are old. I bought my reproduction World War II silk aviator scarf from a Banana Republic catalog in 1984, which described it as “… for those who like … Continue reading

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Wrap me in Scottish wool

I bought two wool blazers at Hartville Goodwill recently, both made of Harris tweed. One is a muted brown and the other muted green, so typical of the British Isles, warm and comforting, connecting me to my Scottish ancestry and … Continue reading

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The love of fringe

I like fringe on moccasins and frontier clothing, so this caught my eye when it arrived in email from Merriam-Webster. The Word of the Day for October 3 is: fimbriated   FIM-bree-ay-tud   adjective : having the edge or extremity bordered by … Continue reading

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Seeking Shelter Under Buffalo Hide

I bought my Minnetonka buffalo hide Outback hat perhaps eight years ago at Mr. Hyde’s Leather in Canton. It was priced at $45, but the sales clerk reduced the price by 20 percent, making it $36. I was pleased to … Continue reading

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Waning summer near the Great Trail

The unofficial end of summer for me is the Great Trail Festival in Malvern. Yes, summer runs until the Autumnal Equinox around Sept. 21, depending on the year, but Labor Day and the start of school have long been considered … Continue reading

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When four pairs of moccasins aren’t enough

Published Aug. 21, 2007 Last year my plans to visit the Great Trail Festival were washed away. Steady rain fell on my only free day, so I stayed home, remembering the time a couple years before when I stood in … Continue reading

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