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Give me my maps

I took an accidental tour of the south side of Lexington, Kentucky last weekend while searching for my brother-in-law’s house. My mistake lay in not doing my usual research beforehand. I make it a point when going somewhere new to … Continue reading

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Son of a son of a volcano

Published April 4, 2005 Krakatoa killed thousands, and it gained the attention of the world at a time when nations were just starting to think globally. The quiet volcanic island in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra first gained … Continue reading

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Regarding the Earth with envious eyes

Published Sept. 14, 2009 Across the gulf of dark night I regarded the Earth with envious eyes. Flying above the dark heartland with a cabin of strangers, I suffered a strange sense of detachment from the world below.* City lights … Continue reading

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New words for the Shemanese

Published Feb. 15, 2005 Conquerors bring their culture to the land they occupy, and part of that culture is words. The white conqueror, called Shemanese by the Shawnee for the swords the Virginia military men carried, brought his language to … Continue reading

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Wrong way to the Volunteer State

Published Oct. 3, 2014 I remember seeing the sign for Interstate 69, but it didn’t register because I was looking for the name “Western Kentucky Parkway.” In blissful ignorance I drove, listening to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “The End of Dieting,” … Continue reading

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A peaceful Spanish retreat

Published Oct. 5, 2009 Suburban Americans have bowdlerized the word “patio.” The Spanish word entered the English language in the early 1800s, and in Spain and the American Southwest it means a courtyard, especially an inner court surrounded by a … Continue reading

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Stranded out of town with Whistlin’ Mike

Published Nov. 28, 2006 I felt helpless, forlorn and forsaken the weekend I was nearly stranded in Martins Ferry. Looking across Route 7 to the city as my friend Mike tried repeatedly to start his car, the battery dying and … Continue reading

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