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Finding new magic in Christmas

I hear a common complaint this time of year: people hate the early darkness. Go to work in the dark, get home in the dark, and it feels like it’s 11 p.m. if you go out at 7:00. I understand … Continue reading

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Hot pretzels and weekend relaxation

Published March 23, 2004 (I’ve since cut back drastically on salt and white flour, and I miss pretzels most of all.) When I was in junior high school, Mellett Mall was the first mall in the Canton area, an exciting … Continue reading

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Published Dec. 28, 2004 Many means of prophesy have arisen from the quest for foresight over the millennia, and the newspaper publishes two: horoscopes and the weather. Many people know of two others: crystal gazing, called crystalomancy or scrying, from … Continue reading

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Here Be Dragons

Published Oct. 20, 2003 Drachenfels rises over the east bank of the River Rhine, southeast of Bonn, near the western border of Germany. Legend records that here Siegfried slew a dragon, his feat recorded in the medieval epic poem entitled … Continue reading

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