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Woolgathering and widdershins — a journey through words

Published Sept. 29, 2003 Woolgathering is defined variously as idle daydreaming and to let one’s mind wander from the matter at hand. Related words are mosey, saunter, dawdle, lollygag, goldbrick, loiter, lounge, laze, and more, and in a society that … Continue reading

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Wrap me in Scottish wool

I bought two wool blazers at Hartville Goodwill recently, both made of Harris tweed. One is a muted brown and the other muted green, so typical of the British Isles, warm and comforting, connecting me to my Scottish ancestry and … Continue reading

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"Scrug your bonnet"

If you wear a Highland bonnet, you should scrug it, and you may decorate it with a cockade or a clan badge if you wish. “Scrug your bonnet” is an old saying meaning to cock up one side to look … Continue reading

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