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The case of the missing cat

Recent clues regarding my missing cat: Saturday evening, returning from feeding the goat, I spied fresh prints, catly in size, by the garden shed. They started at one end of the shed, went along the front, and ended at the … Continue reading

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The sun’s brief victory

Bitter cold retreated reluctantly and only a bit to the rear when sunshine won the skirmish midweek, and Chesapeake manned his usual winter sunning post, the mower ramp on the east side of our garden shed. With wind nearly absent … Continue reading

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“Lassie Come-Home”

We recently watched the movie “Lassie Come Home,” and I learned that all my life I’ve pronounced the title incorrectly. The movie is based on the book by Eric Knight, which I received as a gift in elementary school. I’ve … Continue reading

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