Feast of the Hunter’s Moon


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Flax Scutching Festival

Stahlstown, Pennsylvania will host its annual Flax Scutching Festival in September. Flax scutching is the process of turning the flax plant into linen fabric. It was labor intensive and time-consuming, and that is why people had pegs for clothes, not closets. Most people had only two sets of clothes or so.


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National Geographic and E.O. Wilson

National Geographic interviewed Edward Wilson for his 90th birthday and committed to his Half-Earth Project.


In honor of Wilson’s 90th birthday and achievements so far, the National Geographic Society today is launching an ambitious new initiative and suite of grants to discover new species using traditional expeditions, citizen science, and artificial intelligence.

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The happy, healthy Hunzas

They owe their health and longevity to diet and exercise.


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Balloons Blow


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Eutzly Miscellany

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? Eutzly died one month ago today. I herewith offer a photo miscellany in his memory. ?


“KeysWeekly” Report


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