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Boxing the Compass

I learned about the sixteen points of the compass in Boy Scouts, adding terms such as NNE and WSW to the eight I already knew — N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW, and NW. The compass I learned in … Continue reading

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Give me my maps

I took an accidental tour of the south side of Lexington, Kentucky last weekend while searching for my brother-in-law’s house. My mistake lay in not doing my usual research beforehand. I make it a point when going somewhere new to … Continue reading

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Setting sail on the Victory Chimes

Published June 21, 2013 Personal space acquires a different definition on board a cramped wooden sailing ship. I found myself squeezing past fellow passengers in the companionway and eating meals elbow-to-elbow with people I met only a few hours earlier. … Continue reading

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Wrong way to the Volunteer State

Published Oct. 3, 2014 I remember seeing the sign for Interstate 69, but it didn’t register because I was looking for the name “Western Kentucky Parkway.” In blissful ignorance I drove, listening to Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “The End of Dieting,” … Continue reading

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A peaceful Spanish retreat

Published Oct. 5, 2009 Suburban Americans have bowdlerized the word “patio.” The Spanish word entered the English language in the early 1800s, and in Spain and the American Southwest it means a courtyard, especially an inner court surrounded by a … Continue reading

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Naturalist for a day

Published March 7, 2014 My brother Stuart called last Saturday asking if I wanted to ride with him to the Ashtabula County campground where his family stays weekends in warm weather. It may seem odd that we visited a campground … Continue reading

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Close to the confluence

Published Sept. 26, 2014 I almost saw a site I’ve wanted to see for decades. It sits a bit shy of mid-continent and to me represents a wealth of history and culture, Indian, white and black. It’s the confluence of … Continue reading

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