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False climate change cause

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NASA Climate Change website

This is the link to the NASA Climate Change website. Scroll down for a box to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Foxfield Preserve

Foxfield Preserve is a natural burial cemetery in southwest Stark County, Ohio.

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“Life Everlasting” by Bernd Heinrich

“Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death” by Bernd Heinrich describes the transformation of matter after death and why the recycling of that matter is necessary to the environment. NPR has an excerpt here, and I especially like the introduction, … Continue reading

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“A World Without Ice”

An excellent book on ice and climate change:

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Leave the leaves lie

This is a good article about the benefits of fallen leaves:

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Say hello to Rastrum

My name is Rastrum. Some of you may recognize me from those halcyon autumn days of your youth, but these days I am a dying breed. I and my kind in decades past served as a sign of autumn, our … Continue reading

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