Stopping Junk Mail Waste

A few years ago we switched companies for our auto and house insurance, and the marketing offers immediately descended upon us through the mail. “I just got new insurance,” I thought. “Why would I change?” But the offers keep coming, and today I decided to stop them.

It started with a Spectrum promotion that arrived in today’s mail as a plastic card, and that plastic annoyed me and spurred me to action. I found the website, searched under “Contact Us”, and eventually found the company’s section for stopping promotions. I next did the same with Geico, which sent a paper mailing today, and that website also had a form for halting the ads. Finally I addressed the Allstate mailings but found no form, so I sent an email. I hope it works.

Earlier this week I requested cessation of a catalog for the American Queen Steamboat Co. I love riverboats, but I don’t need to receive those lavish catalogs. I know where to find them. I also sent an email to a favorite restaurant asking if they can switch from disposable plastic cups to paper, to my 401k account to receive electronic statements (that was their idea in this case), and to the pharmacy that ships pills to me asking if they can reduce the amount of packaging.

We can choose to refuse junk mail. We can try to reduce the trash that we and businesses create. I don’t know if all of my efforts will reap rewards, but doing nothing will certainly accomplish nothing. With the ease of using the internet, I have no reason to sit still and accept things as they are.

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