A Bantam Book of Words

The little book sitting beside my laptop is not a Bantam, as in the paperback brand; it is a bantam, a smaller version of a larger book, in this case The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, the mass-market paperback edition published by Pocket Books in 1978. I brought it to the kitchen from my lower-level dictionary storehouse the other day while writing a post for my music blog, rampantmandolin.com, and it has sat since then on the kitchen desk next to Sir Dell. Simply walking past the desk and noticing the thesaurus makes me feel good. Often my favorite part of writing is revising, and revising for me includes consultation of print editions of a thesaurus and a dictionary, so seeing that book not only evokes my love of books but reminds me of pleasant times writing and revising. I cherish my reference books.


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