Cat Poem

Last week I felt compelled to visit Books*A*Million after visiting my sister-in-law at the hospital, and I have learned to obey those inner urgings. I bought a Merriam–Webster Pocket Rhyming Dictionary, and poetry has resulted. Simply turning to a list of rhymed syllables compels me to create, and the following poem is one of the results. I have always liked rhythmic, rhyming wordplay rather than unrhymed free verse.

Corelli Likes Her Treats

Corelli likes her treats,
They’re what she likes to eats,
They’re better than bad sweets,
Corelli likes her treats.

She turns away from beets
And pancakes of buckwheat,
Her day is incomplete
Until she eats her treats.

No breast of parakeet
Or freshly caught crabmeat
She’s had the treat to eat,
So she feasts on feline treats.

And so I will repeat,
My point not to browbeat,
They’re what she likes to eats,
Corelli likes her treats.

John G. Whitacre
April 3, 2018

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