Merriam-Webster’s 3rd Collegiate


This is the third edition of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, published in 1923. M-W began issuing the Collegiate as the largest abridgement of the unabridged International dictionary in the 1890s and released a new edition about every 10 years. The latest is the 11th edition, and the 12th is overdue, perhaps because online resources have changed the face of reference publishing. I have every Collegiate except the 1st, 2nd, and 4th, and I’m always searching for them, an enjoyable quest. This link to the M-W gives brief history of the company and its fine dictionaries. More detailed history is available inside the dictionaries. I keep hoping for a new unabridged — the latest, the Third New International, was published in 1961 — but M-W says its online version is the successor to the latest unabridged, which is understandable. I will always consult my print books.

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