A thirst for stein knowledge

Woolgathering and Widdershins

deutschland1burkhardt3brdb35americana35gh352hofbrau11burkhardt4masskrug1salvator1weltenburger2colonial351I read recently that one of our greatest drives is the quest to satisfy one’s curiosity. My visit to the Zoar Tavern with my friend, where we drank Warsteiner in 0.4-liter pilsner glasses, bears out that statement. After getting home that day, I saw that my Warsteiner glasses held 0.3 liter, and I was curious about the number of ounces they held versus those at the tavern. This led to study of liters versus ounces and a study of my beer mugs and glasses.
Looking up “Stein” in a German dictionary during my thirst for beer knowledge — German nouns are capitalized, as English nouns were until the early 1800s — expecting to see “mug” as the English equivalent, I was surprised to see the word “stone.” Within the entry I found “Steingut,” meaning “stoneware,” and upon reflection I realized that I knew the word meant “stone” because the brochure…

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