Zoar Civil War Weekend

More than 1,500 Civil War soldiers and civilians offered a slice of 19th-century life at Historic Zoar Village in Tuscarawas County last weekend, beginning with a school day on Friday. The central episode was  the Battle of Sayler’s Creek reenactment on Saturday and Sunday. The battle was fought April 6, 1865, in central Virginia, three days before Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant.
Zoar’s original 19th-century buildings are the perfect setting for the Civil War, and the back streets of the village, populated by men in blue and gray uniforms and women in hoop dresses, convincingly recreate the 1860s. Visitors were invited to walk through Union and Confederate camps, attend the Saturday-night Civil War ball, and tour Zoar’s historic buildings.
Reenactors demonstrated cavalry maneuvers and fired artillery pieces, and vendors sold books, clothing and reproduction articles. Zoar hosts the Civil War weekend every two years.
For more information, visit http://www.zoarcivilwar.com or call 330-874-3011.

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