Zoar Civil War School Day

Public, private and home-schooled students learned about life on the battlefield and the home front during Historic Zoar Village’s Civil War School Day on Friday, Sept. 18.
Students learned about the Civil War from uniformed reenactors conducting artillery, cavalry and infantry demonstrations. Other reenactors showed students what life was like for soldiers living in camp.
Historic Zoar museum buildings provided a backdrop for life on the home front. Students got hands-on experience rolling bandages and scraping lint, just like many ladies aid societies did to provide materials for Union and Confederate medical tents. Other home-front activities included spinning wool, cooking beans and pea soup, stirring apple butter, and baking hardtack for the soldiers.
New for 2015, visitors met Simon Beuter, the Zoar gardener. During the Civil War, Beuter kept a daybook, or journal, and recorded his thoughts on pacifism and why he believed the men of Zoar should not take up arms. Mother Bickerdyke, an Ohio woman who served as a nurse and health care provider for the Union Army, explained her role in the war. She is played by Washington Township (Stark County, Ohio) resident Carolyn Caskey.
Throughout the village, students visited with several historical figures, including Abraham Lincoln, abolitionist Harriet Tubman, Underground Railroad conductor John Parker, and Jenny Wade, the only civilian killed in the Battle of Gettysburg.
Zoar holds the school day every year and the Civil War reenactment every two years, always the third weekend of September.

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