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Time in pocket supplanted by wrist

Published Jan. 6, 2004 Nov. 18, 1883: Hundreds of railroad men across the United States simultaneously reset their watches to noon at that hour in each of the new time zones. That was the day the nation adopted Standard Time, … Continue reading

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Stranded out of town with Whistlin’ Mike

Published Nov. 28, 2006 I felt helpless, forlorn and forsaken the weekend I was nearly stranded in Martins Ferry. Looking across Route 7 to the city as my friend Mike tried repeatedly to start his car, the battery dying and … Continue reading

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Lighting the Samhain fires

Published Oct. 25, 2005 As Halloween draws near, the cool wind whispers, “Bring in your harvest and mend the holes in your wattle and daub, for soon winter will be upon you.” Travelers will draw their wool cloaks tightly about … Continue reading

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