Phobia Quiz

Phobia Quiz:
Acarophobia: 1) fear of corn syrup; 2) fear of Egyptians; 3) fear of skin infestation by small crawling organisms.
Acrophobia: 1) fear of acronyms; 2) fear of acrobats; 3) fear of great heights.
Aerophobia: 1) fear of getting sick in airplanes; 2) fear of aerating your lawn; 3) fear of drafts of fresh air.
Agoraphobia: 1) fear of Cleveland rock concerts; 2) fear of blood and guts; 3) fear of open spaces or embarrassing situations in public places.
Ailurophobia: 1) fear of not being appealing to the opposite sex; 2) fear of airplane controls; 3) fear of cats.
Algophobia: 1) fear of algae; 2) fear of algorithms; 3) fear of pain.
Amathophobia: 1) fear of math; 2) fear of big-time wrestling; 3) fear of dust.
Amaxophobia: 1) fear of IMAX theaters; 2) fear of “The Sound of Music”; 3) fear of riding in a vehicle.
Anglophobia: 1) fear of geometry; 2) fear of pediculate fish; 3) fear of England or the English.
Autophobia: 1) fear of antique cars; 2) fear of automatic transmissions; 3) fear of solitude.
Brontophobia: 1) fear of dinosaurs; 2) fear of making embarrassing throat noises; 3) fear of thunder.
Claustrophobia: 1) fear of Santa Claus; 2) fear of Tim Allen; 3) fear of narrow spaces.
Climbacophobia: 1) fear of fussbudgets; 2) fear of people named Van Pelt; 3) fear of staircases, as explained to Charlie Brown by Lucy.
Doraphobia: 1) fear of closed doors; 2) fear of women’s cigarettes; 3) fear of touching the skin or fur of an animal.
Ergophobia: 1) fear of comfortable office chairs; 2) fear of Latin; 3) aversion to work.
Erythrophobia: 1) fear of polychromatic nucleated cells; 2) fear of Greek mythology; 3) fear of the color red or blushing.
Gallophobia: 1) fear of Galileo; 2) fear of gall bladder surgery; 3) fear of France or French culture.
Ideophobia: 1) fear of March 15; 2) fear of idiots; 3) fear of ideas or reason.
Monophobia: 1) fear of monaural recordings; 2) fear of contracting mononucleosis; 3) fear of being alone.
Mysophobia: 1) fear of southern men who bury their money in jars; 2) fear of falling off the continental shelf; 3) fear of uncleanliness or contamination.
Necrophobia: 1) fear of the Man in the Moon; 2) fear of goats; 3) fear of death or dead bodies.
Ochlophobia: 1) fear of deep sea vent tube worms; 2) fear of ochre; 3) fear of crowds.
Panophobia: 1) fear of pan pipes; 2) fear of kitchen utensils; 3) fear of everything.
Pathophobia: 1) fear of paths; 2) fear of Laverne and Shirley; 3) fear of disease.
Symbolophobia: 1) fear of symbiosis; 2) fear of synonyms; 3) fear that your acts or speech may contain symbolic meanings.
Taphephobia: 1) fear of beer kegs; 2) fear of saltwater taffy; 3) fear of being buried alive.
Thanatophobia: 1) fear of using than in place of then; 2) fear of tsunamis; 3) fear of death.
Theophobia: 1) fear of Bill Cosby; 2) fear of chipmunks; 3) fear of the wrath of God.
Triskaidekaphobia: 1) fear of Triscuits; 2) fear of kaleidoscopes; 3) fear of the number 13.
Xenophobia: 1) fear of xylophones; 2) fear of women with exotic names; 3) fear of strangers or foreigners.
So how did you do? Did you figure out that the answer is always 3?

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