P.S. It stands for postscript. Postscriptum in Latin. It literally means “after writing.” It’s another scribere word (q.v.).  I like to write “Postscriptum” in full when I write a message or letter because I like Latin. I think I’ll start intentionally concluding my messages before I’m done writing just so I can write “Postscriptum.” I like “q.v.” too. For years I suffered in ignorance of its meaning until I finally started using my dictionaries. It stands for “quo vide” and means “which see,” and when I write “q.v.” I’m telling you to look up the subject elsewhere on my blog. (You can use the search box at upper right.) Another abbreviation I used in ignorance is e.g. It stands for exempli gratia and means “for example. Finally, i.e. stands for “id est” and means “that is.”

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