Resistance is futile

I can’t help thinking of the Borg in Star Trek The Next Generation.
The Borg was a collective composed of organic/android beings who “recruited” new members by assimilating them, in other words taking them by force, adding electronic and computer parts to their bodies, and eliminating their individual identity in favor of the collective mind. Lily Sloane, played by Alfre Woodard in “Star Trek First Contact,” upon first hearing the term Borg says, “Sounds Swedish,” but when she sees the biological androids says, “Definitely not Swedish!”
What made me think of the Borg was seeing a coworker wearing a phone clip on his ear. I know there’s some catchy name for those things, but I avoid knowing too much about them. A fountain pen in my shirt pocket is advanced technology enough for me when it sits that close to my skin. Those phones on the ear look like the beginning of assimilation, and if the ease with which the masses are convinced of the need for them, resistance, for most people, is certainly futile.

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