Latin sayings

English is said to be a Germanic language, but Latin is the other parent. A good knowledge of English and an eye for roots of words can help you to understand Latin. Here are some of my favorite Latin sayings:
Bonan fortunam: good luck
Aere perennius: more lasting than bronze
Ars longa, vita brevis: art is long, life is short
Caveat lector: let the reader beware
Concordia discors: discordant harmony
Exitas acta probat: the outcome justifies the deed
Finis coronat opus: the end crowns the work
Furor scribendi: rage for writing
Horas non numero nisi serenas: I count only the hours that are bright (old sundial inscription)
In vina veritas: there is truth in wine
Ipsissima verba: the very words
Lapsus calami: slip of the pen
Littera scripta manet: the written letter abides
Ore rotundo: with round mouth (eloquently)
Pater patriae: the father of his country
Post obitum: after death
Requiescat in pace: may he or she rest in peace (used on tombstones)
Saeva indignatio: fierce indignation
Secundum artem: according to the art; according to the accepted practice or profession of a trade
Verbatim ac litteratum: word for word and letter for letter

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