Divining the Future

People have for centuries sought to foretell the future, often using aids to help them see. Many people know about the use of tea leaves, which is called tasseomancy. The suffix -mancy comes from Middle English -mancie, from Old French, from Latin -mantia, from Greek -manteia, from mantis, which means diviner or prophet. Mantis is the source of the praying mantis, Mantis religiosa.
Here are a few other -mancy words and the means used to forecast the future:
Aeromancy: weather
Alectoromancy or alectryomancy: rooster
Alomancy: salt
Aleuromancy: flour
Apantomancy: animals
Arithmancy: numbers
Anthropomancy: entrails of a human being
Astragalomancy: small bones or dice
Axinomancy: movements of an ox placed on a post
Belomancy: drawing arrows at random from a container
Bibliomancy: book, Bible
Cartomancy: playing cards
Catoptromancy: mirror or crystal gazing
Ceromancy: wax in a brass bowl
Chiromancy: examination of the hand
Cleromancy: casting lots
Coscinomancy: sieve and shears
Cubomancy: dice
Dactyliomancy: finger rings
Enoptromancy: mirror
Geomancy: dirt
Gyromancy: walking around in a circle and noting the place you fall
Hydromancy: water
Lecanomancy: water in a basin
Lithomancy: stones or charms
Myomancy: mice
Nomancy: letters
Oneiromancy: dreams
Onomancy: letters of a name
Oomancy: eggs
Ornithomancy: observation of flights of birds
Padomancy: soles of feet
Phyllomancy: leaves
Psephomancy: pebbles
Pyromancy: fire or flames
Rhabdomancy: rods or wands
Spatulamancy: animal’s shoulder blade
Sciomancy: the shades of the dead
Xylomancy: branches and twigs

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