Golden Words

The United States dollar coins, much disdained and ignored by the spending public, are generally called gold coins, but they are golden coins because they are golden in color and not made of gold. They are thus aureate or aurulent, not auriferous. Some gold words, from Merriam-Webster:
aurum: gold (Au), the color gold.
auric [Latin aurum]: of, relating to, or derived from gold.
auriferous: [Latin aurifer] containing gold.
aureate: of a golden color or brilliance.
aurulent: golden in color.
or [Middle English, from Middle French, gold, from L. aurum]: heraldic color gold or yellow.
aurify: to turn into gold.
aurific: producing gold.
aurification: the act of working with or in gold.
aurous: of, relating to, or containing gold.
I wish I knew how to aurify those coins.

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