Some words

I encountered the word metempsychosis while reading a review of the movie “Le Quattro Volte,” in which goats play a prominent role. The word means “the passing of the soul at death into another body either human or animal” (Merriam-Webster). Looking up the word led to an exploration of the Greek “meta” prefix, which means among, with, and after, and other “meta” words. I enjoy studying dictionaries, wandering from word to word — this wandering through wording is one source of the name of this blog. I added metempsychosis to my continuing list of interesting words. Here are some others from that list:

vexillology: the study of flags
weltschmerz: depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state
opisthograph: an ancient manuscript or tablet written or inscribed on front and back; relatives are opisthographic, opisthographical, and opisthography.
griffonage: illegible writing (which I consider an oxymoron; it’s not writing if it doesn’t communicate)
anoctothorpe: the pound sign

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