It's St. Paddy's …

I saw the term “St. Patty’s Day” in three comic strips last week. I was tempted to write the authors and tell them it’s St. Paddy’s Day,” but the deed was done. It’s a common mistake, one I see often in ads. I’ve taught the newsroom writers at the Alliance Review the correct spelling, but the rest of the world, at least in the U.S., seems unaware of the distinction. Patty is the nickname for Patricia, and Paddy is the nickname for Patrick. Paddy is obvious to me because I play Irish music, where many tune names include “Paddy,” such as “Paddy’s Return.” I corrected the newsroom when articles about the Indonesian tsunami called the wave a tidal wave, and I like to think that I enlightened AP in that regard, because it quickly followed suit. But no one at AP called to thank me, so I’ll never know. Next is fixing St. Patty’s, and after that I hope to eliminate “share” as a synonym for “tell” and “present.”

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