They're not hay rides

Like most city folks, I never knew the difference between hay and straw. That changed when I got a goat. I learned that hay is food and straw is bedding. Hay is greenish brown, the amount of green depending on the amount  of alfalfa. Because my goat is a male and needs less alfalfa than a nursing doe, he gets a mix of alfalfa and other grass. Pure alfalfa is bad for him. Straw is yellow. After I learned the difference, I noticed that those bales on so-called hay rides were bales of straw, not hay. It makes sense, because farmers aren’t going to sell valuable animal feed so people can sit on it or use it for decorations by their porches. Wagon rides use bales of straw, and bales used for decorations are made from straw. So why do they call them hay rides?

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