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Thankful I learned English first

I’m glad English is my first language. I would hate to learn it as a second language. These words with a long “e” sound and their past tenses help demonstrate why: Many people use pled as the past tense of … Continue reading

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Sodium part 2

Counting sodium, not calories I said for years I would never count calories. I thought it was too much trouble to monitor those numbers all day long. But now I am counting, only it is milligrams of sodium, and I … Continue reading

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Whistling for snakes

An unwanted friend tried to join me one day long ago when I canoed alone on the Tuscarawas River. None of my usual friends must have been around, because I drove to Bolivar, rented a canoe at the livery on … Continue reading

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Book care

Electrical tape makes me cringe My grandfather’s book still has the black electrical tape holding the cover together. I borrowed “The Lincoln Reader” by Paul M. Angle from my grandfather in ninth grade, when I was getting interested in earnest … Continue reading

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I hail from Columbia

It’s time to give ourselves an old name. The New York Times on July 6, 2007, ran an opinion piece written by Martine Rousseau and Olivier Houdart, editors of the French Web site Le Monde, commenting on the word “American” … Continue reading

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Origins of the U.S. Postal Service

Benjamin Franklin, among his amazing library of talents, accomplishments and duties, served as our country’s first postmaster, asked by Congress based on his experience as colonial postmaster. The Crown in 1751 appointed William Hunter and Benjamin Franklin “Joint Deputy Postmasters … Continue reading

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