From Pitcairn's Island to Massillon, Ohio

The captain of the ship that discovered the H.M.S. Bounty mutineers spend his dotage in Massillon. Mayhew and Mary Joy Folger moved to Ohio to join Thomas and Charity Rotch, who in 1810-11 founded the town of Kendal, now part of Massillon. Folger’s ship in February 1808 had landed at Pitcairn’s Island and discovered the Bounty survivors.
Folger became the first collector of tolls at the Massillon port on the Ohio and Erie Canal. He was the first postmaster and owned a tavern and 1,000 acres. He died in 1828.
This is from “The Stark County Story,” Vol. IV, Part III, page 843, part of a radio broadcast from June and July 1958:
“When Mayhew Folger returned to Nantucket in 1810, full of zest and enthusiasm over the exciting adventures of the trip, and his financial success on it, he was met at the dock by his wife, Mary Joy, who had faced the grief of losing one of their children in his absence, and spending three lonely years without her husband. ‘Mayhew, I have had enough,’ she said solemnly. ‘Thee must choose between the sea and me.’ Mayhew capitulated, but on one condition — if he was to leave the sea, he must live beyond the smell of salt water.”

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