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La comida picante

I’m neither sadist nor masochist, but I like to inflict pain on myself, and I encourage others to do the same. The pain in this case comes from capsaicin, the powerful chemical that makes chiles hot. I need the flavorful … Continue reading

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Gone to Texas

James Michener’s “Texas” is a massive, monumental historical novel about the state that is larger than some countries, large enough that it retained the option when joining the Union to separate into as many as five states. Michener extensively researched … Continue reading

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A spicy blend of cultures

Our cultures have blended for centuries. Our country martially and officially subdued Mexico in the 1840s, but, as is usually the case following conquest, the conquered and conqueror mingled, and continue to mingle, and our languages, music, food and customs … Continue reading

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Misbehaving Mules

In a move that sounds like a scene from a Buster Keaton film, several Northern scouts during the Civil War tied boxes of howitzer shells to the backs of two elderly mules and led the animals across the Rio Grande … Continue reading

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Furor scribendi

Furor scribendi means “rage for writing. Here are some other Latin phrases I like: Littera scripta manet: the written letter abides. Laudator temporis acti: one who praises past times. Lapsus calami: slip of the pen. Arrectis auribus: with ears pricked … Continue reading

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Not so boring after all

In my foolish youth I believed I lived in a historical wasteland. All the good history happened in the East, South or West. The American Revolution was fought mostly in the original 13 colonies. Massachusetts has Lexington and Concord, New … Continue reading

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From Pitcairn's Island to Massillon, Ohio

The captain of the ship that discovered the H.M.S. Bounty mutineers spend his dotage in Massillon. Mayhew and Mary Joy Folger moved to Ohio to join Thomas and Charity Rotch, who in 1810-11 founded the town of Kendal, now part … Continue reading

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