Million Words

“Million” is descended from the Latin “mille,” which means 1,000, and is equal to 1,000 thousands. The succeeding multiples of 1,000 in the American system (Britain, Germany and France use a different system) use Latin prefixes to indicate the number of groups of three zeros after 1,000.  Billion, for example, uses “bi-” to indicate two sets of three zeros after 1,000 and is written in full as 1,000,000,000 and in notation as 10 to the 9th power. Duodecillion, “duodec-” meaning 12, has 12 groups of three zeros after 1,000 and is 10 to the 39th power.
One million is 1,000 thousand, one billion is 1,000 million, one trillion is 1,000 billion, etc.
The American terms are:
Million, one group of three zeros after 1,000.
Billion, two groups.
Trillion, three.
Quadrillion, four.
Quintillion, five.
Sextillion, six.
Septillion, seven.
Octillion, eight.
Nonillion, nine.
Decillion, 10.
Undecillion, 11.
Duodecillion, 12.
Tredecillion, 13.
Quattuordecillion, 14.
Quindecillion, 15.
Sexdecillion, 16.
Septdecillion, 17.
Octodecillion, 18.
Novemdecillion, 19.
Vigintillion, 20.
Centillion, 100, which has 303 zeros.

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