Afflicted With Logolatry

From the Oxford English Dictionary, inspired by Jeffrey Kacirk’s “Forgotten English”:
Logolatry: worship of words; unreasonable regard for words or verbal truth.
Logomach: one who fights about words.
Logomachy: contention about words.
Logomachical: disposed to logomachy.
Logomachist: one addicted to logomachy; one who disputes about verbal subtleties.
Logomachize: to indulge in logomachy.
Logomaniac: one who is intensely interested in words.
Logodaedalus: one who is cunning in words.
Logodaedaly: cunning in words; skill in adorning a speech; verbal legerdemain.
Logodiarrhe: a flux or flow of words.
Logorrhea: pathologically excessive and often incoherent talkativeness.
Logofascinated: fascinated by words.
Logogram: a letter, symbol or sign used to represent an entire word, such as the dollar sign or ampersand.
Logograph: logogram; logographic, logographically.
Logogriph: a word puzzle.

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